We will be delighted to serve you in a cruise at the Aegean Sea

Rhodes Yacht Charter

"Rhodes Yacht Charter M.C.P.Y.", is a charter management company based in Rhodes Island in Greece established in 2016.

The company owns and manages motor yacht charter, Blue Angel, a boat with striking exterior lines, styled with a beautiful modern and luxurious interior, designed by Fulvio De Simoni.

"Our vision is to offer a yachting experience with a sense of true unabashed glamour in the Aegean sea with its thousands of islands."

Our knowledge of the Aegean Sea in combination with our executive yacht, warrantee the success of your holidays. Adventure or Serenity, Discovery or Enjoyment, Play or Relaxation. You can have your pick, or even better, you can have it all, and we are here to ensure you do!

Rhodes Yacht Charter
Rhodes - Greece